August 19, 2018

August 19, 2018

Principal’s Newsletter

Carrillo Elementary School

August 19, 2018

Dear Carrillo Families,

I’m happy to announce that we are only two days away from opening the 2018-19 school year! The staff has reconnected and are anxiously awaiting your children’s arrival this Tuesday, August 21. As a staff, we have taken time these last two days to consider our core values and beliefs as educators and what we hope to achieve for all students. We have collectively defined our core vision which is to create a community of passionate, lifelong learners with a strong sense of citizenship. We will begin our school year by building relationships with each other and connecting ourselves to the classroom and school culture, and an understanding of how our actions and decisions affect those around us. Students and staff will collectively live the Carrillo Way: “Do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do, even when no one is looking.” By teaching a well-rounded curriculum with high academic expectations, providing a nurturing environment where mistakes are celebrated and allowing opportunities to explore passions, students are taught to believe in themselves as learners, think critically, use creativity, and build upon their strengths. We strive to create a fun, engaging school culture in which students are motivated and inspired to learn, solve problems, make good choices, and be responsible. 

During this first week of school, I will be inviting students to Back to School Assemblies before their lunchtimes where I will introduce myself, the teachers, our supervision staff, our cafeteria staff, school social worker and many others that make up our school community. We will discuss how to live the Carrillo Way, how to care for the school and earn citizenship awards and why it's important to take care of your community. We will also have an all-school flag salute this Friday where I will introduce our character focus for the month, Self-Control, and kick off the school year together. I believe we have the best kids and families at Carrillo (something I brag about a lot), and I am confident this is going to be a great year.

Below are a few reminders from my previous newsletter.

Parking Lot Reminders:

  • The main lot will be used for staff only.
  • Visitor Parking: side lot or in the overflow lot.
  • KOC Lot: KOC parents, part-time staff members, volunteers, and health office
  • DO NOT drive straight towards the KOC lot during drop off and pick up times. (8:05-8:45 and 3:10-3:45). The times that cars should go straight include AM Kinder/Preschool Pick-up (11:50-12:10) and KOC pickups before 3:10. Everyone else needs to go through the loop to avoid a collision and prevent gridlock in the parking lot.
  • Do not park and leave your car along the pick up lane or fire lane at any time. If you would like to escort your child to your car during pick-up or drop off times, please park in the overflow lot and walk along the sidewalk to the front of the school. The overflow lot is accessible by making an immediate right after     entering the parking lot.
  • When dropping off and picking up through the loop, please pull all the way forward. There will be signs and staff members there to assist you.

Closed Campus:

During the first week of school parents will be allowed to walk their children on campus before school from 8:15-8:40 a.m. to help them. The district-wide secure campus policy will go into effect the second week of school on Monday, August 27th

After school:

Your children will be escorted to the front of the school through the main gate. You can pick your child up via vehicle (pick up lane) or park in the overflow lot to walk and meet your child in front of the school. There are designated large blue numbers painted on the concrete out front for grades 1-5. Plan to meet your student on the designated grade level number. Siblings can wait together in one of the designated spots. PM Kindergarten students will need to be picked up inside the Kinder gate, from their classroom by an adult/sibling the first week of school. Beginning week 2, PM Kinders can meet parents outside of the kindergarten gate where they will be waiting with their teachers. TK students will wait inside the main front gate with their teacher.

Class Placements:

  • No classroom changes will be made during the first two weeks of school. If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your child’s placement, please sign up in the front office and we will schedule a meeting after the first two weeks of     school
Thank you,

Gary Pope, Principal