October 7, 2018

October 7, 2018

Principal’s Newsletter
Carrillo Elementary School

October 7, 2018

Dear Carrillo Families,

Growth Mindset
The character trait for October is “Growth Mindset,” a term coined by Dr. Carol Dweck. A growth mindset, or malleable intelligence, is the belief that intelligence can continue to grow. Unfortunately, many of us have a fixed mindset. We say things like, "I have always been good at writing but bad at math.” One is probably more interested in writing and practices it often which leads to better results. One isn’t naturally “good” at writing, but you can be with hard work.

Additionally, some people believe they are naturally terrible at certain subjects, many times mathematics. This belief is not true because scientists have yet to discover the “math gene.” However, this belief is the result of many people give up on themselves as mathematicians at young ages (myself included). Unfortunately, many see math as a subject that you either "get" or don't, when in reality nearly all elementary children have the ability to take advanced math classes in high school (Jo Boaler, Mathematical Mindsets, 2015). Equally harmful is believing one is naturally “gifted” in math. As research shows, children with a fixed mindset (even when the fixed mindset is positive), end up being terrified of taking risks out of fear of being wrong or start to avoid the subject when it becomes more complex later in life.

On the contrary, those with growth mindsets see themselves as always getting smarter through hard work. They see failure as great learning experiences and go out of their way to find challenging work to stretch their thinking, thus becoming more intelligent. I love when I hear students say something like, "I do not know all of my sight words yet, but I keep working on them every day." A child with a growth mindset will rarely give up, they will seek difficult tasks, and recover quickly from setbacks. The good news is that mindsets can change by focusing on hard work and effort instead of natural intelligence. One way teachers and parents can help develop growth mindsets are by changing the way we praise children and communicate about areas of weakness. For example, if your child is excelling in an academic area, instead of saying “I’m so proud of you, you are so smart,” you can develop their growth mindset by saying “I’m so proud of you that you worked so hard.” If a child is struggling in an academic area, instead of saying “I have always been bad at that subject too,” you can say, “every time you make a mistake, your brain grows. If you keep trying, there isn’t anything you cannot learn.” If you would like to read more about the growth mindset and how to support your child, please visit https://www.mindsetworks.com/default.

Carrillo Golf Tournaments and Pledge Drive Recap
The inaugural Carrillo Classic Golf Tournament was a great success yesterday, and we raised over $8,000 for Carrillo. Thank you so much to our title sponsor Imran Clark with Clark & Co, as well as our awesome hole sponsors the Joslin Team, Walker 3D Orthodontics, Encore Wealth Partners and Western Flight/Shell Aviation. Thank you to Kristin Jenkins for all your hard work in putting this event together and to all the golfers that came out to support our school!

Also, a big thank you to all the families that contributed to this year’s PTO Pledge Drive. Once matching donations are figured in, we raised around $60,000 with over 275 total pledges. Although this year’s campaign is officially over, the donation link will remain live indefinitely. We welcome contributions at any time of the year! Special thanks to Kathy Casciani for her tireless effort to ensure this fundraising campaign was a success!

Upcoming Events
Talent Show Sign Up Now!!
Sign-ups for the talent show are open now. To sign up and see more information, please click here. The last day to sign up is October 19.

Math Olympiad / Sign up by Oct 12th!!
Click here for more information.

Turkey Trot
The Oceanside Turkey Trot is donating $5 back to Carrillo if you choose our school during registration. Please note, they have identified our school as “Carrillo Ranch Elementary School.” Please click here if you are interested in attending this event.

College and Career Wednesday
If you would like to participate, please have your child wear a shirt from a college, university, trade school, branch of the military, or career path.

October 15-19:
Parent Teacher Conference Week *Please note, the focus of conferences will be goal setting, not to communicate grades. Let’s focus on the growth mindset.
Monday: No School
Tuesday-Friday: Minimum Days (TK-5)
AM Kinder: 8:15-10:45
Grades 1-5: 8:45-1:25
PM Kinder: 10:55-1:25
Preschool: Normal Schedule

Restorative Practices Parent Information Night

As promised, we will hold a parent informational night for restorative practices October 30 at 5:30 pm in the Carrillo Multipurpose Room. As I have mentioned in previous emails, our staff is committed to using restorative practices to build community and respond to harm at our school, and we would love if our message is reinforced at home. Our facilitator for the Parent Training session will be Cristina Parodi Araya who is a Parent/Family Liaison for the San Diego County Office of Education and a trainer of restorative practices. During our session, Christina will:

Give an introduction to the rationale
Share current research and data related to the program
Review training practices/language/behavior expectations that are currently being used by our staff members
Provide parents with a circle experience

Please mark your calendars for this important informational session. I have attached our Community Corner Poster and rationale which reflect some of the ways we are using restorative practices at school. Thank you, Ms. Beninger for sharing this wonderful strategy that empowers students to solve their problems!

Thank you,

Gary Pope, Principal