Room 1 Information

All you need to know about Room 1 Kindergarten

     I am delighted that your child will be in our class!  With your encouragement, your child will be a part of many exciting and rewarding experiences this year. On the first day of school, your child will complete one of the most important milestones in her/his life!  I understand that you and your child may meet this day with excitement or apprehension (or a little of both) and hope that this letter will help you to know what to expect in kindergarten and answer any questions you may have. 

 A Positive Start:
Black Kinder Gate opens at 8:30am and children come in and hang up backpack, take clipboard out and sit on shape with clipboard. While sitting on their shape-line they may read or talk to friends near by.

8:45am Kindergarten please be on time because it is really hard for them when you are late.

  Since your child is forming habits that last throughout his or her school years, please help your kindergartener learn the good habit of being on time.   Students, with parents, who are late, must go to the office for a tardy slip. Do not ask someone to open gate for you.


Please arrive on time to pick up your child. Dismissal is 2:10pm in front of the school.  If you are late (after 2:15) picking up your child, s/he will be waiting in the school office.  PLEASE LET US KNOW IF PICK UP CHANGES.  If possible please email or use remind the day before.  If it’s same day, please tell your child and write a note to give to teacher. 

School Attendance:

An excuse is required when your child is absent.  Please call the school, 290-2900 ext. 2929, whenever your child will be out.  If it is necessary to take your child out of class early, go to the office first and sign them out. The office will then call the teacher. Attendance and being ON TIME are very important.   Please note: if your child is tardy 5 or more times and have many absences you will be receiving a letter from the district. 


Please come prepared to get stained! Ha ha ! Kindergarten can be a very messy place!! When you dress your child keep in mind that your child will be playing outside and may be getting dirty during the school day.  Shoes with straps on the back help avoid foot injuries on the playground.   Flip-flops or any slip on shoes are not allowed. 

Please make sure that your child wears clothes that allow him or her to use the restroom quickly and independently.  This avoids bathroom accidents.  If your child cannot yet tie his or her shoes, please double knot the laces before school.  Please write your child’s first and last name in permanent marker on all clothing that will be taken off at school. The number of coats, jackets, and sweatshirts that end up lost each year is staggering!! Carrillo donates all unclaimed clothing to the needy.  Missing any clothing, please check our Lost and Found, the school’s Lost and Found in the cafeteria and KOC, if they attend.

 Snacks, Lunch, Backpacks, and Clipboards:

A clipboard is needed to help keep notes and papers from getting lost.  Your child also needs a backpack clearly labeled with his or her first and last name. NO rolling backpacks.  Please send a nutritious snack and lunch each day.  (No candy, sugar filled snacks, gum or soda are allowed) The brain needs food to grow!


If your child needs to take medicine for any reason you must check the medicine in with the school nurse.  Your child will then be sent to the nurse at the appropriate time to take his or her medication.


On occasion it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school.  Always send money in a sealed envelope with the following information written on it:

*Your child’s name *Amount of money  *The purpose for the money (events, book order, etc.)*Teacher’s Name

With many children to keep track of and several reasons to collect money, this helps us out tremendously and reduces the likelihood of errors.


Birthdays are special occasions for all of us, especially young children.  If your child wishes, s/he may bring a small token for the class. You may bring pencils, notebooks, etc.  NO FOOD ALLOWED.  Also, on your child’s birthday, you may donate a book to the library in his/her honor if you wish.  

Parent Participation:

We warmly welcome and drastically depend on parent volunteers in the classroom.  If you would like to work with a small group of children, make materials, be a room parent, etc., great! We will be providing sign up sheets.  Also, throughout the school year there will be a variety of special classroom activities.  We encourage you to attend these functions whenever possible.

Wish List:

Throughout the year, we will send home wish lists requesting special supplies to be used in the classroom.  Your donations help facilitate the excellent education your child will receive at our school.  We very much appreciate any help you can offer with these special requests! We are requesting a $10.00 donation (CASH ONLY) in the beginning of the school year for craft supplies.   An Envelope is attached for your convenience.  Thanks so much!!

Parent /Teacher/School Communication:

Informing you of your child’s progress is very important to us. You will receive progress reports (only if below grade level) and report cards 2 times a year. We will be having our annual parent conferences prior to the end of the October. 

Please make sure you read and talk about work that comes home on the clipboard (this is a great indicator on how your child is doing)   Open communication between school and home has a positive effect on your child’s education.  WE ARE PAPERLESS, or try to be. We will be keeping you informed of class  activities through e-mail  &/or Remind. Please get in the habit of checking your email/Remind daily and our school website for school wide activities.  

Discipline Plan:

In our classroom, we believe that the most effective assertive discipline contains fairness, consistency, and follow through.  We strive to catch children meeting and or exceeding the classroom’s behavior expectations.  The classroom expectations are:

1.      Listen carefully and follow instructions from all school adults.

2.      Keep hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.

3.      Always walk and use a soft voice in the classroom.

4.      Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call on you if you have a question or comment.

5.      Always treat each other with kindness.

During the first few weeks of school, we will daily review the classroom’s expectations and standards. Please take the time to read over and discuss the importance of class rules with your child.  

Reward System:

 We have a special reward system. Children will earn Play money for following directions well and quickly. They will be given $ for working hard and completing work. Once a week (on average) we will then let them shop for rewards. Please feel free to send in gently used or new prizes/rewards for our Student Store! They can save their $ for bigger rewards. They can also have $ taken away for not following classroom standards. So if they lose a couple of dollars it is no big deal.   If we have to redirect your child often, we will send home a notice (Classroom Standards Notice).Please review sign and return.

 We also have a system to act as a whole class motivator.  When the children as a class are behaving well or if they receive a compliment from another teacher, we   When it is filled, the(TBD) children get a “surprise” reward, such as extra recess, P.J. day or more free choice activities.

Children are also rewarded for practice work at home, completed Lexia levels and completed reading cards.  Please make sure that you stay on top of these wonderful activities.


Homework is not required. However, we will provide practice work for your child to do every day.  It will be up to you  how much  you want to support your child in school. We find the more parents are involve in their child's education, the more successful the child can be. We suggest you make the time to routinely sit with your child. Find a quiet place without distractions at the same time of the day. Below are some of suggested activities:

READING: Always READ every night. An adult needs to initial the reading card that we taped on your child’s clipboard.  

PHONICS CLUB- sheets are sent home every week.  Please make sure your child can sound them out.  Also go over the meaning of each word and if your child is ready they can write them in a sentence.  (SAVE THEM & make a book)

High Five CLUB – children need to read words to you in 3 seconds or less without sounding them out. Very important for reading fluency! (save & make book)

NUMBERS CLUB- Numbers are sent home every week.  Please make sure they can read, write and count to that number/s.  We will give more details later.

LEXIA - Children can login to this educational reading web-site with their school username and password. 

DREAMBOX - Children can login to this educational math web-site with their school username and password. 

We might also send home EXTRA practice work for:  Areas that your child needs to work on, if they didn’t finish in class or enrichment. Every child is different and at their level. We are grateful for support you give at home!!!!!

Creating memories - Memory book:

When your child’s work comes home, we are hoping that you will help us by putting together a wonderful keepsake for your child. One of our favorite activities at the end of the year is to share these precious books with each other. They love seeing their year in pictures and work samples. We will be showing you samples of what this can look like at Back To School Night. I will be uploading many pictures on shutterfly.

In closing, we look forward to talking with you at Back to School Night times and dates can be found on the Carrillo website. We will also keep you informed via email/remind.  Please return with this packet given to you at Meet & Greet including this letter. We will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have. 

We are looking forward to a wonderful year working with you and your child.  Together, we will help him/her achieve their full potential.  


                                                    Betty Estrada  

Please cut and return this portion to your teacher.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT Letter and if we sign the bottom that means I have read it and will keep it for future questions that I may have.

_______I have read the Back to School Letter and have reviewed the classroom rules with my child.

Student Name _________________________

Please have your child write their name here. ____________________________

Parents’ names_________________________ & _________________________

Parents’ Signatures______________________& _________________________

If Grandma or someone else takes care of your child please share this info with them.