3rd Grade Curriculum

 What will they learn this year?
 Unit    Knowledge Strand  3rd Grade Unit Topic
 1  Government and   Citizenship
 Government for the People
Why do people participate in government? 
 2  Character
 Ways Characters Shape Stories
 How do our actions influence our lives?
 3  Life Science
 Animal Adaptations 
 How do living things adapt and change?
 4  Point of View
 Comparing Points of View 
What makes people view the same experience in different ways? 
 5  Technology and   Society
 Advancements in Technology
 What is the value of innovation?
 6  Theme
 Making Decisions
 What helps us solve problems?
 7  History and Culture
 Communities Then and Now 
What is a community? 
 8  Earth Science
 Weather and Climate
How can we predict the unknown? 
 9  Economics
 Spending Time and Money
What do our economic choices tell us about ourselves? 
 10  Physical Science
Forces and Interactions
How does understanding science help us achieve our goals?