Special TK Events

      Special TK Events   

                      Special moments to put on your calendar!!!

EVERY WEDNESDAY- College Day (If you want, have your child wear a college shirt of your choice) 

EVERY FRIDAY- CARRILLO DAY- It would be so great if you got a carrillo shirt and they wore it on Fridays. I wear one every Friday. PTO will sell soon.

8/16 MEET AND GREET for you and your child.  

We hope to see you all at the MEET AND GREET on FRIDAY THE 16th. The classroom opens and welcomes you and your child anytime between 4:00 to 5:00 pm. Come by for a quick hello and a look around so your child is comfortable. There will be a TO DO list of activities to help your child build their confidence and learn what to expect on the first day. 

9/5 BACK to School Night-

NO STUDENTS (sorry important info)

I look forward to talking with you at Back to School Night. It is critical that you attend this night so you understand the details of the classroom and the learning ideas that take place here. I will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have. OUR BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT IS Sept 5th at 5:00 in room 23. PLEASE COME!

9/6 Picture day - come with a smile. 

10/14-10/18 Goal Setting Conferences- SIGN UP COMING 

                     No school Monday 

                     Tuesday-Friday shorter day (details to come)

Oct- ? - Pumpkin Patch 8:15 to 11:35ish

Make sure your children wear shoes that slip on and off easily and SOCKS so they can go on jumpy house and slides. Small snack and water bottle with names on them (both disposable). Have them wear sunscreen and a hat, if possible.

 If you are a chaperone, come at 8:25 so I can see the whites of your eyes and then you can either...ride the bus or drive. Our time at the pumpkin patch is ________. We will load the bus around 9:00 and go get another school. Then we get dropped off first. 

10/31 Fall Rotations- THURSDAY

We need several volunteers for this.  If you would like to come and join in and volunteer on this memorable day….please come at 10:10 and plan to stay until 11:40.

FUN…. FUN…. FUN……!!!!!!!! More information to come. We need 3 extra volunteers. The day will be low key so they have fun that night. 


We donate to our wonderful military families. We collect all  

of this month and present it on 12/20 with a school-wide celebration

11/21 Traveling on the Mayflower/Feast

             Re-enactment (NOT A PLAY)


9:40-10:00 After recess children dress in costumes- we provide

10:00ish to 10:30ish Travel on a ‘Boat’ to Plymouth Rock Natives Teach Pilgrims to plant corn

Natives Travel Back on Mayflower 

10:40ish to 11:20ish FEAST

Parents are welcomed to come and join any part of it! There will be a food sign up coming by e-mail a couple weeks before. Children should wear brown, black or white. Our costumes go on top. 

11:20-11:40 remove costumes and clean up room

11/25-11/29  No School

12/13 Gingerbread man traps due and gingerbread man hunt (details will come)

12/19 Holiday Rotations (details will come) SEVERAL VOLUNTEERS NEEDED 

12/20 Special School Wide Flag Salute (shorter day- School Hours 8:15-10:25? I’ll confirm)

12/23-1/10 NO SCHOOL- Winter Break 


                 We pretend to travel to a new continent each week. We study several things about the continent. Each child will pick an animal from one of the 7 continents. When we travel to that continent, your child will be the expert and teach their classmates all about their chosen animal. It is amazing to watch!!!!! More details as we get closer.


2/14 Valentine Rotations- Boxes due (details will come)

2/14,2/17 No School- Presidents’ Birthdays   

3/13 Apex FUN RUN- great day of endurance 

4/1 or 4/2 Open House for the whole family (specific date to come)            

4/?  Field trip to Safari Park- Details to come

       Our hours-8:30 -1:45ish ????????

5/7 Mother’s Day Celebration-1:20- 2:20ish You don’t want to miss this!!!!! Free vector graphic: Flower, Butterflies, Spring, Vine - Free ...

5/22 VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION - SO TOUCHING invites will be sent.

6/4 Father’s Day Celebration- 1:20-2:20ish


You can follow it up with special time with your child. 

6/10 Last Day of School-    School Hours 8:15-10:25

Please put these very important dates on your calendar.

The PTO has many more events that are not on here, but these are the important ones for TK.

We will not be attending all Flag Salutes, but we will go to the most important ones. 


        Open House, Mother’s DAY and Father’s Day

I will send out the note below again as we get closer….just want you to know how important it is that someone comes.

If you know of a conflict for the mother’s or father’s day, I could possibly change...just let me know as soon as you can. 


------------------------RETURN PLEASE-----------------------

Child’s name_____________________________________

Someone will be there for the Mother’s Day Celebration.

  Please write name of person attending. If not a parent- how they are connected?

       Name __________________________________Connection_________________________

Someone will be there for the Father’s day.

  Please write name of person attending. If not a parent- how they are connected?

       Name __________________________________Connection_________________________