October 25, 2020

Dear Carrillo Families,

We had a wonderful first week of in-person learning! I would like to send a big thanks to all of the PreK-1st grade families for preparing your children to wear masks, following the social distancing procedures, and attending school with a positive attitude. Another HUGE thanks for ensuring the LumiSight pre-screening is taking place each morning, before arriving at school. This ensured that we did not have long lines or crowds of students waiting to enter school. For parents who still need to sign up for LumiSight, please see the following English and Spanish flyers.

Red Ribbon Week

Please see the flyer for our upcoming Red Ribbon Spirit Week. Each day has a dress-up theme and activity to promote a healthy lifestyle. Parents are welcome to engage your children in these activities to the greatest extent that you would like. This was coordinated by our School Social Worker and her interns. Thank you, Mrs. Martha, for putting this together!

October 30- Drive-By Trick O’ Treat and Zoom Party

Join us as Carrillo celebrates the season with a Drive-By Trick O’ Treat and Zoom Party! The staff will greet students in Festive attire and there will be Treat Bags (Halloween crafts and activities, not candy) for every student. Dress-up in your costume and take a picture against the Spooky Backdrop!

Pre-K, TK, K, and 1st Grade will all receive their Treat Bags in class.

Drive-thru Pick Up

11:15 am- Grades 2, 3 and LEVS Grades TK-3rd

2:00 pm-  Grades 4, 5 and LEVS  Grades 4 and 5

**Please bring canned food, diapers, and wipes for the Camp Pendleton Food Drive! There will be a collection area in the drive-thru.

Halloween Zoom Party at 5 pm

That evening we’ll continue the fun with a Halloween Zoom Party! Please RSVP at https://www.myvlink.org/carrillopto/ for the zoom link!! Wear your Costume, dance to your favorite Halloween songs, listen to Ms. Mccoy read a Not-So-Scary Story, make some Spooky Music with Mrs. O and buy your tickets now for the Halloween Raffle (Grand Prize is Disney Tickets!).

Return to School Phase-in Schedule

THIS WEEK! October 28-30: 2nd and 3rd-grade only- Teachers will participate in on-site prep days and training in anticipation of our students returning to campus. Instead of "live," synchronous instruction, teachers will assign independent work and digital assignments for all three days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). The amount of asynchronous work assigned to students on these days will be based on the instructional minutes that we have on Mondays (8:30 - 10:10). Monday and Tuesday will be normal schedules.

Week of November 2: 2nd and 3rd grade will begin in-person instruction on the A/B, two full-days per week hybrid model. Students will continue to engage in remote learning on Mondays from 8:30-10:10. In-person learning will begin at 8:45 and dismiss at 2:25 pm. Students have been assigned to either cohort A, Tuesday/Thursday, or Cohort B, Wednesday/Friday. If you did not receive your child’s cohort assignment, please email our office manager-


  • Due to Carrillo being a polling location on Election Day, there will be no in-person instruction on Tuesday, November 3rd.  All students will access remote learning on this day.  You may access the communication from Dr. Campbell regarding this change by clicking here. Because of this, if your child is in Cohort A, his/her first day on campus will be Thursday, November 5th.

November 4-6: 4th and 5th-grade only- Teachers will participate in on-site prep days and training to anticipate our students returning to campus. Instead of "live," synchronous instruction, teachers will assign independent work and digital assignments for all three days.  The amount of asynchronous work assigned to students on these days will be based on the instructional minutes that we have on Mondays (8:30 - 10:10).  

Week of November 9: 4th and 5th-grade will begin in-person instruction on the A/B, two full days per week hybrid model.  Students will continue to engage in remote learning on Mondays from 8:30-10:10. In-person learning will begin at 8:45 and dismiss at 2:25 pm. Students have been assigned to either cohort A, Tuesday/Thursday, or Cohort B, Wednesday/Friday. If you did not receive your child’s cohort assignment, please email our office manager-


In preparation for your child’s return to school, we need all parents to do the following-

1.     Read and sign the SMUSD Parent Health and Safety Agreement.

The agreement can be completed electronically by clicking here. This form was emailed to you on Friday so you may have already completed it. We already have 369 students completed, which is halfway to our goal! We will also have hard copies of the agreement available for families to complete on their child's first on-campus day if you cannot complete the agreement electronically.

2.     Read SMUSD’s Face Covering Policy and review with your student.

All staff and students (TK-12) will be required to wear their mask daily. It may be helpful to review this infographic with your child on wearing a face mask.

3.     Activate your account for the LumiSight screener web app so that you will be ready for the required daily screenings to enter campus. On Friday, October 16th, your student should have received the account activation email from LumiSight. Follow the steps below to activate the account. Please remember that students must be screened in order to enter campus. The LumiSight web app allows for pre-screening at home and will greatly reduce the amount of time it will take to enter campuses.

  1. Open your student’s email account and find the email from no reply with the subject,  "Account Activation: LumiSight for San Marcos Unified School District.”
  2. Click the purple “Reset your password” box
  3. Go back to the student email inbox to receive the activation code, enter the code and create a new password. Click Reset
  4. You will then be asked to complete the student’s profile by entering a phone number and selecting the school site.
  5. Your activation should then be complete.

4.     Review the SMUSD COVID 19 Guide for Parents and the SMUSD COVID 19 Symptoms Guidance for Parents to aid you if your student becomes ill or is showing possible symptoms of COVID 19.

Curriculum and Instructional Shifts In the Hybrid Schedule

We have received some frequently asked questions, including 1) what our plans for ensuring students meet their grade-level expectations, 2) what remote learning days will look like, and 3) how we will try to accommodate for potential learning loss when students are quarantined. Please know that students’ learning will always remain a top priority, second only to student safety. Since the majority of this newsletter must be dedicated to safety and new ingress/egress protocols, I have written a separate newsletter that focuses only on curriculum and instruction. If you would like to read it, please click here. However, please continue to read this newsletter, too, since it ensures we have a safe and orderly school reopening.

Safety Protocol** Updated for 2nd-5th Grade Procedures

Before School

It will be the parent's responsibility to ensure your child is not experiencing any COVID-related symptoms before sending them to school. Parents must complete the LumiSight symptom screening application for their child every morning they attend school before dropping them off. You can complete this at home on a Chromebook, or your phone, before dropping off your child.

Students will be required to bring their own school supplies to school since the sharing of materials will be prohibited. Your child's teacher will communicate what students should have with them. In addition to general school supplies, students in 2nd-5th grade will be required to bring their school-issued Chromebook and charger. Please ensure your child's Chromebook is fully charged each night before school. Hulse Orthodontics donated protective sleeves for all students to distribute to students on their first day of school.

Entering Campus

2nd-5th Graders- Students will be able to enter campus through the front “Main Gate'' or “Back Gate” by the Leo Carrillo Ranch between 8:15-8:45. Students will be able to walk directly to their classroom where their teacher will be waiting for them.

Drop Off-

Families with PreK-1st grade siblings-  If you are dropping off a younger sibling for AM kindergarten, the older sibling will need to wait until 8:15 for their time to enter the campus. We will have a designated waiting area for siblings.

Families without PreK-1st grade siblings- Please do not enter the parking lot until after 8:15. PreK-1st grade parents will be dropping their children off between 8 am -8:15 am and we need the line to run freely. Parents may not park in the drop off loop and wait until 8:15 or it will cause delays for everyone. Thank you!

When dropping off your child, you are welcome to pull through the drop off loop and have your child exit the car onto the curb. Parents, please do not exit your vehicle while in the drop off loop and only stop your vehicle with enough time for your child to leave the car. Parents are also welcome to park in the overflow lot and walk your child up to the entrance. However, parents will not be allowed to enter the campus or the classroom.

2nd-5th graders are also welcome to walk to school and enter campus on their own.

We will have staff members ensuring all students have completed the LumiSight pre-screening. Parents can show the completed “badge” to a staff member in the drop off loop and students will receive a sticker to walk right onto campus. If a child walks up to the gate unaccompanied by a parent, staff members will be able to look up the student’s name on the admin console with an iPad. Students that do not show a “clear” badge through the LumiSight application will need to be screened by staff members and have their temperature checked. This may cause major delays if many students are dropped off without completing the screening. Please complete this each morning to prevent a line up and crowding at the front entrance.

Lastly, please make sure your child has an acceptable mask and a backup. If you do not have a mask, we will have extras.

Quick View for Drop Off Times:

PreK, TK, Kindergarten and 1st-grade- Drop off between 8 am- 8:15 am for AM, and 12 pm -12:15 pm

2nd-5th Grade- Drop off between 8:15 am - 8:45 am

During Classtime

Desks have been placed 6 ft apart, turned around so they cannot put their hands in the cubbies. We have also installed a clear plastic trifold at every student space for additional protection. For kindergarten students, we utilized the 6ft tables and are having students sit on opposite sides. Here are a few pictures to see how it looks. We will keep tweaking the seating arrangement to ensure the teacher has space to move throughout the room.

2nd-grade classroom .jpg 

3rd grade room .jpg 


2nd-5th grade will have a quick, 10-minute recess. Generally, students will be able to eat a picnic snack and either walk around the track or enjoy some peaceful outdoor activities. 


2nd-5th graders have been assigned a staggered 30-minute lunch (15-20 minutes of eating and 10-15 minutes of play). We have marked seats on all of our lunch tables to ensure students remain 6ft apart at all times. Students will eat with their cohort, play in an assigned area/zone, and frequent hand washing/sanitizing will be mandatory. Handwashing stations have been placed around the school to ensure all students have access throughout the day. Due to our requirements for contact tracing and isolating all “close contacts” in the event of a Covid positive case, keeping students with their cohort during lunch will prevent us from having to quarantine entire grade levels.

Lunch Tables .jpg 

Handwashing station .jpg 

Exiting Campus

2nd-5th grade will dismiss at 2:25 pm. Siblings of TK-1st grade students will have a designated area to wait until the 2:45 pm dismissal. Please have them bring a book to read.

2nd-5th Grade Families Only- We would like to get a sense of how many students are planning to walk home and what location you plan to exit. Please complete the Pick Up Survey to assist us in our planning process.

2nd-Graders and siblings of 2nd-graders will line up on the blacktop in front of the KOC gate and be picked up in the KOC loop. This is the smaller loop on the north side of campus (where the grab and go lunches are served). Students will remain in their classroom line up and social distancing will be practiced at all times. Prior to the 2:25 dismissal, parents of 2nd-graders are welcome to drive straight through the parking lot and queue in the KOC loop. After 2:25 pm, parents should turn right and go through the main loop and then turn into the KOC loop to meet their child.

3rd-5th- Students will be escorted to the main drop off/pick up loop and wait for their cars with their classmates. Each class will be designated a waiting area and social distancing will be maintained.

**All parents will be provided dashboard signs with their child’s name so that we can identify your cars quickly.

Back Gate- 2nd-5th Grade students are also welcome to exit the backgate. We believe the Leo Carrillo Ranch will continue to allow parking for Carrillo families in their lot. Please remember, students must be escorted through the Ranch by a parent and aren’t allowed to walk by themselves. Students may use the ramps outside of the Ranch to walk to the neighborhoods on their own.

COVID Related Symptoms

If your child is experiencing one or more COVID related symptoms, please DO NOT send them to school. Please report the absence and symptoms to the attendance line. This includes; fever with or without chills (a fever is defined as a temperature greater than 100 degrees that does not resolve within 30 minutes without medication), cough, shortness of breath, nasal congestion/runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, fatigue, new loss of taste/smell, headache, muscle or body aches, and poor appetite. If your child has any chronic or pre-existing condition* Disregard this symptom if school personnel are already aware of a chronic, pre-existing condition that causes the symptom. The nature of the presenting symptom (e.g., duration, intensity) must be consistent with the underlying chronic condition. **If your child does have a pre-existing condition that isn’t well known to the school, it may be important to start speaking with your child’s health care provider now.

If your child is experiencing any of the above symptoms at school, they will be sent home. We will have a separate health room and medical tent to separate students experiencing these symptoms at school from students who use the health office for non-COVID-related needs (cuts/scrapes, medication/treatment, etc.). If your child is experiencing a symptom, it will be important that you pick up your child from school as soon as possible to reduce the chances of transmission or any sickness on campus.

Please see the attached decision tree regarding when your child will be able to return to school.

Decision Tree chart.pdf 

Positive Cases

I will be notifying all parents and staff members if anyone on campus reports a positive case of COVID. The person who tests positive must isolate at home. That person may return to school/work when:

  1. 24 hours without fever (no meds),
  2. symptoms are improving, AND
  3. it has been at least 10 days from symptom onset or test date.

I will also be notifying all close contacts/cohort members that came in contact with that person. All cohort members/close contacts will be required to isolate/quarantine at home for 14 days from the 1st day of last exposure to the "positive" individual.

Other Important Dates

30th- Drive-Thru Trick O’Treat  CarrilloTrickOTreat.jpg


2nd & 3rd- School closed for polling. All students will participate in remote learning.

4th- First Day of in-person learning for 2nd and 3rd-grade students

5th & 6th - Camp Pendleton donations will be accepted at drop off

10th- First Day of in-person learning for 4th and 5th-grade students

11th- Veteran’s Day, no-school

12th - Final Camp Pendleton collection day during drop off.


Thank you,


Gary Pope, Principal


Office- 760 290-2904

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