Arts Attack is a totally innovative program that brings an entire art curriculum to the K-8 classroom on DVD. A fully validated and award-winning program developed in the classroom, it was designed to meet the needs of every teacher with or without special art training.

Extremely Teacher Friendly and easy to teach, its developmental/sequential approach to teaching art elements and principles - as well as drawing, technique, artist appreciation, art history, multi-cultural art, media exploration, self-expression, etc. - can always be counted on to get great student results in any classroom environment.

Arts Attack uses a process-oriented teaching approach with a strong emphasis on right-brain learning and development. Its goal is to not only develop art skills and techniques, but also to develop student creativity and visual problem-solving and communication abilities.

It is available as a complete K-5, K-6 or K-8 curriculum; and can also be purchased one or more grade levels at a time.

The Video (or Student) Component

The Arts Attack program uses the medium of DVD as the primary motivational teaching tool. This unique approach Teaches Art Visually and pushes well beyond the limits of the more traditional art textbook format.

In each K-8 grade level, six DVD's teach 24-25 hands-on lessons covering all the art elements (line, color, shape, form, texture, pattern, space, etc.), right-brain drawing, self-expression, culture & history, artists and art appreciation, and media exploration at progressively increasing levels of challenge and skill development.

Each grade level also addresses artistic perception, student assessment, and explores relationships and connections to other classroom subjects and to the world – all at a level appropriate for the age group.

Each video lesson is taught in the following manner:

  • The required materials are displayed.
  • Art prints, art objects, examples, on location footage, etc. are variously used to provide motivation and to stimulate student interest, ideas and concepts.
  • Where appropriate, warm-up exercises are conducted.
  • The lesson is demonstrated and taught.
  • Students in a classroom setting are shown doing and interpreting the lesson.
  • A variety of final artworks created by students on the DVD are displayed.

The Teachers' Manual

Background and Helpful Information

The first part of each Teachers’ Manual contains the following helpful guidelines for teaching the Arts Attack program:

  • Arts Attack Program Components
  • Program History & Background
  • Art Concepts Taught in the Program
  • The Artists Studied in the Program
  • How to Visit an Art Museum
  • The Scope and Sequence of the Program
  • Teaching the Arts Attack Program
  • What is Art Criticism?
  • The Great Masters Art Print Program Component
  • Discussing Art Prints
  • Art Prints Shown on the Videotape Lessons
  • Student Evaluation and Validation
  • How to Give an Art Show
  • How to Start an Art Program
  • Lesson Objectives
  • List of Supplies Required for the Program

Detailed Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan in the Teachers’ Manual addresses the OBJECTIVES and VOCABULARY for the lesson, CONCEPTS taught in the lesson, the MATERIALS required, the PROCEDURE steps for teaching the lesson, and ASSESSMENT guidelines. Where helpful, especially in the many right-brain contour drawing lessons, WARM-UP EXERCISES are included. For all “Artist Appreciation” lessons (see example above center), a full CHRONOLOGY of the artist is included. In addition, many of the lessons (see above right) have DRAWING AIDS that the teacher may duplicate to provide visual information for students; and some also have EXTENSIONS or CONNECTIONS to other subjects, for a more in-depth treatment of the subject.


The Student Assessment Component

Student Assessment guidelines for class discussion are inserted after every four lessons at the elementary level. For the Middle School levels, assessment guidelines and/or exercises are given after each lesson. The Arts Attack approach to student assessment, based on long experience of what gets results, is to focus on validation and positive reinforcement, while at the same time providing a forum for learning through self critique and teacher/class suggestions.

The Great Masters Art Print Program Guides

The Art Print Program provides commentary, analysis and connections to a total of 90 great works of art, grouped into 9 Portfolios of 10 works each - 1 for each grade level (K-8). The front of each Art Print Guide (see below) contains background information for the teacher: a small black-and-white picture correlating to the (full color) art print, biographical information on the artist, and information on the artwork – such as the historical period, art style, history, culture, etc.

The back of each laminated Art Print Guide offers questions for class discussion intended to develop the student’s ability to understand, to critique, to compare, and especially to appreciate the work of art. It also contains suggestions for related activities that often establish connections with other school subjects (language arts, history, social studies, music, dance, drama, etc.).

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