What if my child didn't qualify for GATE?

Your child took the test for GATE and didn't qualify?

You know your child better than anyone. One test given on a day during your child's 8th year of life is not the final determination on whether or not your child is gifted.

Keep in mind the following:

1. The test was created to identify kids who don't exhibit what most people think of as a gifted characteristics. It is a safety net to catch kids that teachers may not realize are gifted.

2. Most

children don't qualify

3. Many children demonstrate remarkable talent, achievement in the classroom, and/or on standardized tests but don't qualify

*Your child can still be placed in honors and AP classes in middle and high school even if he or she did not "pass" the GATE test in 3rd grade. Your child's classroom performance, state test scores, placement tests and teacher recommendations will determine honors and AP class status before entering middle school.

If your child is highly motivated, well behaved, and interested in what is offered to our GATE students, he or she may be able to participate. Please join us for our Parent Information meeting on September 28, which will be held in room13.

Next parent information meeting: September 28, 2012

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