Welcome Letter

Dear Second Grade Families,

It is my great pleasure to work with your child this school year. My primary goal is to learn and grow with your child as they continue on their journey of life-long learning. We have a busy and fun year ahead of us with many lessons, activities and projects. To ensure a positive environment conducive to learning, and develop the context of our learning community, it is important that the students understand the class and school rules. I have taken the time to talk with the class about rules and consequences and we will be working together to help them learn self-discipline, to engage and empower them toward their own learning. They are aware of the behavior expected in class and we have discussed how they can grow in managing their own behavior. Please talk with your child about appropriate school behavior and self-discipline. We work on following The Carrillo Way to “Do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do, even when no one is looking.”
We have class aims designed to help students learn to apply important life principles in any situation and guide the way we treat ourselves and others.

  • Be Here—present and on time, and more importantly, involved and interested
  • Be Kind—look for ways to be kind to others and yourself in any situation
  • Have Fun—getting involved and enjoying yourself is a great way to learn

    The 3 main Carrillo rules are

  • Be respectful
  • Make good choices
  • Solve problems

To encourage students to follow our rules I reinforce appropriate behavior with positive recognition and praise along with the natural consequences of responsible behavior. I frequently look for student who are doing the right thing and positively reinforce that behavior. We have a clip chart on the wall with student names to help them monitor positive behavior and recognize their own responsibility with this. Ideally, student self-awareness of their position on the chart is enough. However, repeatedly moving down the chart will result in contact with the parents. If things continue beyond this, removal from class and contact with office are possible. In trying to focus on the positive, we will also have programs in place that earn rewards, both as a class and as individuals. I will be constantly looking for the positive, to “catch” kids doing what we are hoping for them to do, as well as to guide them towards those goals. I will be discussing these rules, instructional models, and our plan for the year at a Parent and Teacher Meeting, Thursday, August 24 from 4:30-5:30pm in Room 12. I look forward to speaking with you then.

Our classroom website can be found at https://carrilloelementary.smusd.org/staff_directory_List/mr__retzer

or accessed from the classrooms selection on the Carrillo Elementary School website.

In order for the students to have the most successful year possible, we need your continual support. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child as we work together helping them learn.

Mr. Marklyn Retzer

[email protected]

760-290-2900 x3012

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