Supply List

Room 43 Supply List

1.  Clipboard with low profile (with flat clip at top to fit in student mailbox)- please write your child's name on it

2.  1 Composition book, 100 sheets, durable cover, page size is  7 1/2"  x  9 1/2" (any color), wide or college ruled - please write your child's name on it

3Earbuds or headphones (that are not too bulky so they can fit in your child's desk).  Please place in a plastic bag with your child's name printed on the bag.

4.  1 box of #2 pencils to be shared with our class.  I am grateful for any pencils, however, Ticonderoga brand tend to sharpen best and last longer than other brands.

These supplies are not expected to come with students on the first day of school.  If for any reason you are not able to send in any of the above supplies, please know that they will be provided for your child.

A classwork folder, colored pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, erasers, and glue sticks are provided through our classroom supplies.  If your child would like to bring in one personal supply to keep in their desk, that would be fine.  It helps with desk organization to have fewer supplies to keep in their desks.  

Wish List (optional and very appreciated)

1.  Purell wipes or baby wipes (per district policy, these are the only wipes we are allowed to use in the classroom)

2.  Box of tissues

Thank you!

Cup Of Pencils.png