Welcome Letter!

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school!  We have the honor of being your child’s teacher this year.  Our school is a dynamic environment for all children. Our team of teachers is ready to meet the needs of each child.  Our teaching will focus on the Language Arts and Math standards, while integrating the Science and Social Studies standards for greater knowledge, involvement, and fascination for all students.

Our mission as Teachers is to inspire children with a lifelong love of learning.  We will treat each child with respect, love, compassion and understanding. Our goal is to meet the individual needs and learning styles of all students. We will provide a safe environment where risk-taking is rewarded and challenges are a part of our daily learning.  We will use the advances of technology and education to help create a classroom full of self-directed learners. We will hold high expectations for each student and motivate them daily to reach their full potential. Please carefully read the following items thoroughly!!!


ARRIVAL- PM TK start time is 11:50am every day. Please encourage your child to use the restroom before being dropped off. For the first week of school, parents are welcome to walk their child to the classroom to help show your child where and how to hang backpack up, how to take clipboard out of backpack and sit in line until the Teacher comes out.  

*Starting the second week of school, Parents and Students will begin saying their goodbyes at the gate. This makes the transition much smoother, helps your child to become independent and ready to learn more quickly, and allows the school day to start more promptly.

DISMISSAL- PM TK dismissal is 3:25pm every day with the exception of every Wednesday which dismissal will be 2:25pm.

*PM TK pickup- We will exit the Gate and sit in our square, students will be dismissed to family members from their Teacher's.  If you are using the drive through line, make sure children can buckle up themselves! DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR! Remember to have your placard visible in front window as well! The entire school is picking up at this time! Please be patient and follow all safety rules!!!!

Student Supplies

BACKPACKS- Your child needs a backpack big enough to hold their water bottles and lunchbox.  We will give your child their “Office Folder” on the first day of school.  Please, NO rolling backpacks. Thank you!

SNACKS- Your child needs a nutritious snack each day. (No candy, sugar filled snacks, gum or soda are allowed) Please be sure to pack enough food for your growing kiddo. They may not act hungry when being dropped off at school, but by snack time, their brains have already been working on overdrive and their bodies need more fuel to get through the rest of the day! Thank you!!

Parent/Teacher/School Communication

We believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year, we will communicate with you mostly through emails, semester report cards, and goal setting parent-teacher conferences, as well as a new app, Parent Squared. Invitations coming soon! Please join!

School Attendance

An excuse is required when your child is absent. Please call the school, 290-2900, whenever your child will be out. If it is necessary to take your child out of class early, please go to the office first and make your request. They will then notify the classroom and your child will meet you at the gate or front office.

We look forward to getting to know each of you and working together to maximize the learning potential of your child.  Check your email for more information about our programs, procedures, and expectations that will guide this school year.


Justine Schmeiser


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