1st Grade Curriculum

 What will they learn this year?
Reading Units

 Unit    Knowledge Strand  1st Grade Unit Topic
 1  Government and   Citizenship
 Making a Good Community Member
Why do people get involved in their communities? 
 2  Character
 Many Kinds of Characters
 How do we learn about characters?
 3  Life Science
 Plants and Animals Grow and Change
 Why do living things change?
 4  Point of View
 Stories have a Narrator
How do people create stories?
 5  Technology and   Society
 Technology at Work
 How can technology make a difference in our lives?
 6  Theme
Stories Teach Many Lessons
 What can we learn from a mistake?
 7  History and Culture
 Past, Present, and Future
Why is the past important?
 8  Earth Science
 Observing the Sky
Why do the sun and moon capture our imagination?
 9  Economics
 We Use Goods and Services
Why do people trade with each other?
 10  Physical Science
Exploring Sound and Light
How would our lives be different without sound and light?

Count to 120
Fluency: Addition and Subtraction within 20
Strategies: Use strategies to Add and Subtract within 100
Place Value (Ones, Tens, Hundred)
Create and identify shapes
Partition shapes into 2 and 4 equal parts
Measurement (shorter, longer, narrow, wide)
Organize, represent, and interpret data
Time to the nearest hour and half hour (analog and digital)

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