Behavior Expectations & Student Responsibilities

a tent and pine trees CAMP HAPPY HAMILTON Campsite #8

Student Responsibilities & Behavior Expectations  

At CAMP HAPPY HAMILTON students are expected to follow the Carrillo Way: “Do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do, even when no one is looking.” We have three school wide rules: Be Respectful, Make Good Decisions, and Solve Problems. Your child deserves the most positive climate possible for his or her growth. Throughout the year, campers will receive verbal praises, CAMP bucks and awards for both academic achievements and character.  Campers will also learn responsibility and accountability through weekly campsite jobs.


CAMP BUCKS- I implement CAMP bucks to motivate positive behavior at our campsite. CAMP bucks are handed out throughout the day to campers living the Carrillo Way,  making good decision, solving problems, showing respect to fellow campers and camp director. Campers save CAMP bucks to buy prizes from the camp store on the last Friday of each month. CAMP bucks can also be taken away for not following campsite rules and procedures.         

FUZZIES- I also award “fuzzies” for positive behavior from the whole camp.  When the fuzzy jar is filled, the whole camp gets a reward day (pajama day, game day, crazy hair day, etc.)

I will notify parents about specific dates for whole camp reward days as they are earned.

TRIBAL POINTS- Campers will be seated in groups called tribes. The whole tribe earns points for working together and setting a good example for other campers and tribes. At the end of each week each member will receive $1 CAMP buck for each point their tribe earned.

CAMPSITE JOBS- Each week various campers will be assigned a job that they will perform for that week. Jobs will rotate throughout the year and not every camper will have a job each week.

Examples of possible jobs: Girl Line leader, Boy Line Leader, Caboose, Germ Patrol, Calendar Helper, Attendance Taker, Camp Director Assistant, Door Holder, Electrician, Weather Watcher, Pledge Leader, Tribe Leader, Substitute, Board Eraser, Trash Helper, Chair Stackers, Pencil Sharpener, etc.

Thank you for supporting the importance of making good choices at school by using your own reward system at home!  I am looking forward to a successful year and I know that together we will make a difference in this process.

Thank you for your support!

Camp Director Happy Hamilton