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Email: carolynn.yates@smusd.org

Hello Dear Families of Room #22,

     I pray that you are all doing well and that your loved ones are safe. In an effort to alleviate any technology concerns regarding access to your child's materials and our new classroom procedures, I have created this platform. This platform will include only the upmost necessary information that you need to know to help your child learn and grow through the "Distance Learning" model. Do not worry, the tutorials will take you step by step and if you have any questions, please reach out to me via text on my personal phone number. 

Step 1: I will be using "Google Classroom" as a means to assign and grade your child's academic work. 

Step 2: It is important that your child use only Google "Chrome" as their search engine. (not Firefox, Safari, or Explorer) 

Step 3: Your child will need to make sure that they are always signed in to google with their SMUSD email account.

Step 4: You and your child will need to add a few free "Chrome Extensions" from the "Chrome Web Store" to their Chrome browser to make using the technology easier. I have provided several 30 second tutorials for each "add-on extension" that will walk you through the process.

Step 5: I will hold a "Parent Back to School Presentation" on Distance Learning via Google Meet on Monday, April 13th to go over procedures, expectations, and address any questions and concerns that you might have. Invitation will be sent out via email (privacy). Please check your email.

Step 6: I will not be using Bloomz as a form of communication until further notice. 


Google Meet: This tutorial will show you how to get onto Google Meet so that we can all get together.

Tab Extension: This extension will enable students to view two screens at a time.

Nod Extension: This extension allows students to interact with me using thumbs up, raise hand features during Google Meet instruction.

Kami Extension:This extension will enable students to edit and annotate any PDF file that is assigned to them. I am trying to make most of the activities fillable without needing the Kami Extension, but just in case, this is a great tool!